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Readers’ testimonials about the author, his books and other works.


Heena Jadev Sunil

I have been very fortunate to come across such a talented man that is Q. M. Sidd. I got acquainted with him via FOLCLORE FB group. Qaiser Ji is so full of life, a human rights speaker, a writer, a devoted family man and a true gentleman in all spirits.

It has been an amazing experience for me to read his work.  His stories are not only beautifully scripted but they touch you somewhere deep inside. “The Doctor Who Died” is a personal favorite of mine; I was able to relate to it profoundly.

 I would love to read more of his work, and wish him lots of luck in his future endeavors.

On ‘The Doctor Who Died’- A Short Story

This piece of writing made me drool over my own life events … the insecurity, the feeling of helplessness when I lost my mother, the mother that I am, the wife who cannot change anything … all just swamped around me while reading it. I’m still in a haze … This friends should be read and felt by heart … Open your eyes child, before its late; your toy is not your joy~ ~The day is near the day is here, your son is already a boy~ ~Decay before demise, sunset before sunrise, old faith had not lied~ ~Lies beneath my soul, under my skin- The Doctor Who Died

 From Author Heena Jadav Sunil


Tavia Kohles

I am a Philosophy student at the University of Montana in the United States and was browsing the web for an inspiring quote as an “attention grabber” for a paper concerning epistemological views of several philosophers including myself. I stumbled across a quote of yours about knowledge being the “comprehensive embodiment of imagination…” that flowed nicely with the thesis of my paper. I then began to do a little research on your work and just thought I would commend you on your efforts! I admire your work and I too aspire to study Human Rights Law to possibly become a lawyer or something of the sort to put my knowledge to good use someday. I simply desire to help people out in the best way that I can to the best of my abilities! Thank you so very much for the spark of inspiration and good luck on the rest of your endeavors.