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All book reviews and views about other authors by Q. M. Sidd appear here. This includes both fiction and non-fiction books as well as other works by some authors reduced here-under in a chronological order:


‘The Sea, The Sea’ by Iris Murdoch (1978)

I am just too glad to have finally read it. I must say that this novel is a great classic piece in literature that has secured a place in history. A true tale of the binding and unbinding power of love, the constructive and destructive forces of love narrated through the heart of a self-centred and self-indulged man Charles Arrowby; whose thoughts are controlled by ego, jealousy, authority and power. Quite an interesting depiction of people who have such traits, or better still, all of us since we do happen to have such feelings at times.

What is love? A central question that revolves around this novel as an undertone. Makes you wonder that perhaps love is what we think of it and what we make it to be for us. Perhaps it is made from our making, it has many colours and definitions and we pick up those best suited to our person. How we perceive it and what our pretentious delusions make it for us to satisfy the comforts of our desires. Yes perhaps love shall always be a myth so untruthfully displayed in our lies manufactured by our inner desires for personal comforts, which within itself, might as well be but an illusion after all.

A great read for anyone with a taste for Moral Philosophy. Simply brilliant… Iris at her best. Highly intoxicating, highly recommended.