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Meet the Author

Q. M. Sidd is a development professional and an educationist who has served in the past with the United Nations in different capacities. Currently he is the CEO and co-founding member of an independent development organization, Inspire Pakistan based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

An MBA and Master of International Relations (Foreign Affairs) degrees holder- he lectures on subjects like Management, Entrepreneurship, International Human Rights Law and United Nations as an International Organisation, at different public and private universities.

Q. M. Sidd mostly writes on philosophy, spirituality and mysticism, current and international affairs, human rights, education and social development in general under non-fiction whereas under fiction, his short stories have a dramatised philosophical undertone, as in philosophical literature.

His first (non-fiction) book “A Dance in Melancholy” is the first volume of his memoirs  called ‘Homebound’ and is a collection of his articles and essays written over a period of five years. Whilst he continues to write articles and memoirs and intends to publish another book in the series, nevertheless, he has also written short stories and is working on his first novel. This book is available from the Amazon stores worldwide in both print paperback and ‘Kindle’ editions.  He has also been writing short stories and is working on his first novel. The short stories are available only as ‘Kindle e-books’ however he plans to publish a print paperback collection of his short stories in future.

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