World and life came to be as a result of evolution and hence everything we see around us today is a product of that very process, which is still ongoing and might never stop till it all ends. It would end, the end is imminent and yet so imminent is the process of evolution. If we are to assume this, then we can understand the importance of research and education and awareness and how these have led man to move on towards a better path, a refined future and the world has progressed. However building nations on the basis of education also requires an enabling environment, a conducive atmosphere. Those who have succeeded in doing so are the ones on top of the world today.

The pain and struggle for human rights started in pre-historic times, perhaps from the advent of mankind on earth. It was known by different names and looked upon differently, however, it was the same struggle for justice, peace and freedom that man has always desired because that is the enabling environment and conducive atmosphere I referred to above; through which any individual, community or society has flourished and would ever flourish. History is evident of the fact that man has progressed only in peaceful times under just conditions in a given society. But then this is not at all possible in the absence of law even in peaceful times. Law plays a pivotal role and not only the presence of law but its utter respect and absolute unconditional implementation where no man is above it is necessary.

Why I say this is because we are all born with unique merits and qualities. We need to aspire for a better life led through learning and grooming our merits so that we can enjoy our lives in its full potential. That is the model for a fully examined and proper life. But then there are things that stop us from doing so and that is where the term ‘human rights’ becomes so critical. If there is respect for the dignity of people and of communities, it may only be so once the respect for human rights on the basis of equality is ensured. Hence in the absence or respect for and protection of human rights, a man may never be able to fully enjoy his life to it fuller potential. Now when we say that, this does not happen in an isolated environment but factors such as the society, family, educational institutions, law, religion, culture, norms and customs etc shape an individual and all such institutions help a person in developing positive traits and norms towards life and help in further grooming and nurturing the merits and potential. Therefore, for an individual to live a fuller life, it is imperative that the institutions within a society are let to function properly, which may only be the case in a society that is free from fear and want and has a conducive and enabling environment and atmosphere. Once that is to happen, the quality of life improves and people can move with dignity on the pavement of equality, justice and peace.

Of all the institutions, charity begins at home. If we are to enable the home or the institution of family, positive attitudes can be reinforced. While on can learn and unlearn and relearn many things in life, it is widely believed that what one learns at home and through family is what stays on forever. Now the attitudes and behaviours within families are mostly based on the clan, tribe, customs, traditions, religion, culture, norms and values and other demographics. these are too strong to be altered or modified. A person can go to any limit yet getting away from these things is next to impossible for most. I am not saying that these things are wrong or bad, no not at all, these are in fact the things that make people what they are. What I am saying is that the process of evolution must work in this regards too, which is often too subtle or perhaps very very slow when it comes to the home institution based on families composed of a certain dogma.

While a person can attain education, get awareness and even do research and analysis and find new methods and ways of life, yet the cultural and traditional background inbuilt in his personality might never be altered even if one is to find better and improved ways conflicting his ideologies and belief system taught to him at home. Now unless that improves, there are little chances of a speedy progress otherwise. I tend to believe that the change is happening over generations yet in societies without education this change is not as such visible. Therefore, I am of a personal conviction that we need to work hard on the provision of education for all on the basis of equality and inclusion as well as to improve access to and quality of education. Once that is to happen, over age and time, things will start to shape up positively for the betterment, not only of individuals, but also communities and the society at large.

Norms such as tolerance, equality, honesty are also taught by families that are typically illiterate however these may have a stronger attraction and understanding once taught by families that are literate and educated for it is education that tells us what is correct or not correct and why it is so, given that our conscious, logic and reason develop and work more efficiently only our brains are sharpened through education. One might not apply all that one is told, unless one’s logic and reason enables one with conviction in a certain belief and that is why I personally believe that an educated awareness is vital to a society’s progress. It is difficult to conduct research in any field without eduction as difficult it is in fact to progress without research. Therefore, a society may only progress when state and non-state actors collectively are able to work on the provision of and access to quality education to the masses.

I am not of the opinion here that everything will happen as if someone was a given a magic wand to transform the society. It will take time indeed. However, what is being currently done is definitely not enough at all and we need to pick up pace with the political will to bring about a positive change within the country. Once we start to educate more and more people and they make families afterwards, this nation will start to have a higher number of educated families who in turn will surely and by all means necessary send their children to schools and this process shall go on. Then there will be a time, perhaps after 2-3 generations from now where we shall see an optimum level of educated families, provided that we start now. Such families shall then enable their offspring with enlightenment that logic, reason and conscience shall be able to digest and thereby a stronger positive nation shall emerge. Thereafter a Pakistan will rise that will conduct research and development on the basis of such research that the educated minds of its people shall offer.

That will be a society that will have to be based on equality and respect for human rights, which in turn shall provide a level playing field for all the people to enjoy their lives in peace, with justice and on the basis of equality. That will be the time when I shall say we live in freedom- in a free and independent Pakistan.