God uses analogy. He used analogy for creation and for life. Not for Himself obviously, but for mankind, to suit man’s logic and reason in order for him to be able to understand life and creation. This world would have been but a globe of mystery and puzzle had God not used analogy in His creation. We know that the world has come to be through a process of evolution whereby one thing has led to another and this structured process of growth and progress has resulted in the world as we know it. There was an explosion, they say, a massive collision that set fire to the planets including our earth and then the fire burnt out slowly, very slowly, and then there was a much longer period of cooling down and then when everything cooled down there was life on the planet. Plants, animals, insects, mountains, ice and waterfalls and what not. And then eventually Adam PBUH and Eve PBUH were sent down from the heavens above to live in this ghastly place called earth.

He wants us to live in peace and harmony with fellow beings and show mercy and patience and tolerance towards others, especially towards those whom we find have ideas conflicting ours.

The whole of this process of evolution took ages in completion and yet God states on several occasions in the Quran- Kun Fayakun meaning ‘Be, and it is.’ The God of Kun Fayakun could have created life in the literal sense of the term yet he did it through a process of evolution that would suit man’s logic and reason. Is that not confusing? It is not really if one is to look at it through a metaphysical perspective. It was always a matter of ‘Be, and it is’ for God however for man’s logic and reason there had to be a process of evolution so that man could understand it step by step. Otherwise it would have looked like magic and God like a grand magician and then all the humans would have bowed to Him but then His purpose for creating this universe and earth and life on earth would have been lost. There might only have been believers and non-believers and that is it. Was it not better? Was it not the easier choice? Yes, it was indeed however the real reason for creation would have been lost. Hence He used an analogy.

In a sense, similar to the above, He crafted His message in different codings, fitting different eras, using different messengers from one time to another suiting man’s intellect of that time and revealing His commandments unto man through a process of evolution- one by one, step by step- over time. Hence, He again used analogy. Does this question not bother you at this stage, given that using one messenger and one book might have made it easier for people to either believe or not to believe. But instead what He did eventually created religions and the differences therein. It would have been much easier had there been just those who believed and those who did not, however, it would have defeated the purpose of His creation of life. There might not have been any use of creation had there been just two groups of people, as it would have been so simple and easy for people to belong to either of the groups. Instead He used analogy and transcended His message unto man through different messengers and scriptures thus allowing man to be able to understand His words better as per man’s faculties relevant to the times one lived in.

Confusion was hence pertinent. Religious difference was utmost. It is hence up to man to seek out the truth and understand the purpose of life and live on this planet, His planet, accordingly. He wants us to live in peace and harmony with fellow beings and show mercy, patience and tolerance towards others, especially towards those whom we find have ideas conflicting ours. This is the real challenge and the one who can move on undeterred keeping his faith yet understanding others and loving them, on the basis of equality and dignity of man, without any bias simply because they have also been created by God is a remarkable challenge. There is the colour of diversity in this world because He wanted it so otherwise it was not at all difficult for Him to create life through just one strike of His order creating those who believed and those who did not. He is after all the God of ‘Be and it is.’