This is not a tech-saavy article at all. I am not a genius at computers. These are just my reasons for switching from a PC to a Mac, or better still, from Windows 7 to OSX Mavericks blended with my memories of how it all started for me, back in 1997…

I have been a loyal Microsoft user, perhaps not out of choice, because Microsoft was the only easily available platform here in Pakistan in the early computing days. I have been using Microsoft for the last 23 years now. Yes I am quite old, so to speak 🙂 I remember learning DOS, Wordstar and BASIC back in 1991 when my dad bought me my first computer a lovely Intel 286 monochrome machine with a staggering high 1MB RAM which I later upgraded to 2MB RAM and felt victorious and really high-tech. You can’t imagine then how happy I was on getting my first 4MB RAM. Anyhow, my interest started in the computers from that point onwards. Our school offered an optional course back in 1991 on computers and I took it up. It offered some theory as well as practical learning. I still vaguely remember I went through some Data Processing Concepts and other things and learnt a lot. This was the beginning of my education in something called the computer.

While some of my class mates considered the computers class as free time to enjoy, I fell in love with it. My biggest achievement, believe it or not, at that time was making a small GWBASIC code that calculated the Newton’s second equation of motion. What a time it was, translating my favourite applied Physics on to computers- wow ! I understood at that time what this machine was meant to do and how it will change things quickly. I clearly remember that I was once looking for some books in the old-books bazaar at the Sunehri Masjid Road (everyone from Peshawar will instantly remember the place) when I was a box of Windows 3.1 as that was sold on a set of 3.5 inches floppy disk in a big box. Although I did not understand a word of what it was meant for, I bought it. Installation at that time meant I bought it and Then came along Windows 3.1 when the mouse connected through a PS/2 port like the keyboard on desktop systems. Although I never knew what to do with it or how it worked or what it actually was meant to perform. So I called in my most talented computer guru Mansoor A. Qureshi to help me out. He made me understand and learn all about it. When he would work configuring things for me I would ask a million questions and he would tell me everything. He was my home teacher in that department at that time. I learnt a lot from him and hence his name deserved an honourable mention. And then we all remember Windows 95, 97, Vista and XP.

I have had a Windows 7 machine lately but was considering switching to a better one. Somehow I got intrigued with Apple Macbooks and started to research a little about them. I was amazed finally after getting the information I needed what I was missing all these years. Not only the machine but when I explored the OSX Mavericks and the new features of the about to be released Yosemite I was taken by a storm. Endless possibilities for creativity, something that a PC could not offer so splendidly. Why am I saying that? The answer is very simple. I am not a super-user. All that I do with my computer is email, internet and MS-Office for my work. Nothing more really. No games at all, yes sometimes I watch movies that are not available in movie shops otherwise and a bit of this and a bit of that. For these kind of things Mac, unlike a PC, is much better. no more drivers installation, no more troubleshooting, no more hangups and hiccups and a frozen OS etc. What else do I need from a computer. Just like that, out of the box plug and play in the real sense. If you ask me a Windows PC is more for the computer professional and an Apple Mac is more for the artist. Desktop publishing is easier with iAuthor as you can publish ebooks to iBooks and even to Amazon very easily. To me, as a writer, this is THE environment I need.

Mac is way superior and now at this time with the support for Microsoft based software, it seems even better. I can and shall afford the time and cost in getting used to with a Mac divorcing away from Windows as an OS for my love of technology. It is interestingly challenging and hence captivating for a man like me. I never plan to install Windows on it, no way. OSX Yosemite is the future for me. As for office support, now with MS Office 2011 for Mac, I can relax and take my Word, Excel and Power-point to a mac easily without disturbing my work life as I cannot invest time in learning Pages, Numbers and Keynote; the Mac equivalents of MS Office. And in my free time I can learn iWorks nicely and slowly at my ease as well.

So, cutting it short, I am ready to let go of my two decade long knowledge of keyboard short cuts and computing in general. While both platforms are good, but after walking through OSX Yosemite, in short the Windows 7 or even 8 seem to lack some creativity aspects that the new Macs offer. The artist inside me is yelling in favour of the Mac OSX Yosemite for many reasons. Whatever the case, Garbage In, Garbage Out- GIGO rocks! It has to me since 1991. This is perhaps my little bit of Californication 😉 and I can live with it happily!

So goodbye Microsoft. Here I come Mr Jobs for you made us all realise that a computer is not a dreadful ugly machine for office use, it is something that comes with style and an appealing beauty. So deep down, on a highly personal emotional level; another reason of mine for the switch over is also my utter respect for someone inspired us all to ‘Think Different’ and who changed the world in doing so himself.

If nothing else; Here’s to the Crazy Ones… !