Go Nawaz Go!

Yes it is true that the government has failed in delivering to the masses. However, this is not how I want him to leave office. Not like that. Not by paving the way for a civil-military allied government take over. IK Sahib, go to the court and charge him under cases that you can do. But never again talk about a technocratic Presidential setup please, I beg you. Stick to the demands of recounting and by-elections. Yes I know normally the ruling governments have stood victorious in by-elections, which is what you might fear, but then you would also not be victorious as a true democratic leader in a rubber stamp parliament sir. Electoral reforms, recounting and re-elections is what I say. Time to re-plan and bring forward a politically well thought out move now. Stop this revolution outcry for gaining sentiments, I know you are much better than that.

Besides, I fail to understand why you have still not unmasked the government’s implicit intentions about the upcoming 8th NFC award to be presented on 1st July 2015? If you do that, many things would come out to the surface before the masses and rather than calling names, blames and alleging people without proof, your cause shall be justified. The N government has already told the IMF through Dar perhaps that they will strike a deal with provinces and the resources might further be reduced. President Zardari, no matter what you call him, did convene the 7th NFC award with huge consensus after 19 years of argumentation and that goes to his credit and that of the PPP in history now. How much of that was translated down to provinces in reality, we all know. This is not the right time for chaotic moves but for planned ones with a vision and rationale.

The biggest problem with the N government is that in order to flourish industry with vested interests they always go for mega projects and those mega projects will not ever be financed without foreign loans and that is what is going on. Take a deep look at their plans for the 8th NFC award and everything shall come to light on its own without much effort. The N government has said that due to defense, law and order and I think foreign debt the provinces need to chip in to the federal regime for burden sharing whereas the provinces have said that they still want more money to support the devolution under 18th amendment. Rather than going against 18th amendment and the 1973 constitution, which I hope you dare not, and putting all under another chaos; please unmask the N government’s plans for the 8th NFC award. The NFC allows provinces to collect their own taxes and improve the lives of their people themselves and grants more than 50% of revenues to them rather than looking at the receivables from the federal divisible pool. This is the Change for me, this is the Naya Pakistan for me.

Since according to the NFC the provinces are not to support or finance the Centre for their expenditures, this is what the N government does not want because the federal government was left with an imbalance after devolution. To collect this shortage the federal government has levied taxes on Petroleum and Gas to be collected from provinces, which the provinces are now opposing. Ask for it, all that the provinces are demanding should by all means be included in the federal divisible pool.

What the federation needs to do is to cut down on their expenses, revise spending on Nawaz’s pet mega projects, foster friendly relations with neighbours to cut down on defense spending and other neccessary steps in this direction. NFC is the key in this regard. Let the provinces stand on their feet and not be dependant upon the Centre and that is the reason why they have to look at Centre for funds and be jealous of Punjab because due to high population, Punjab takes the major chunk from the federal divisible pool. That is the beauty of the NFC award enacted under article 160 of the constitution.

The question is, will you be able to deliver amid all crisis and tensions? I am once again saying that I look at you Sir beyond the fabric of IK romanticism and Pakistani sentimentalism. I still think you can do it. But please prove to me what your take on this would be and how would you go forward in this direction. I personally believe that this may only be done under an elected parliament and not under a technocratic Presidential setup or even a civil-military parliamentary regime, which might flourish if allowed to work in peace in isolation but that shall never be the case. IK sahib while you and I are both idealists but we both need to understand that realism is not a bad thing too if others believe in it, it is their decision, we need to let others have their democratic human right to chose what is best for them on the basis of their decision based on moral reason and political logic.

I urge all that this message may kindly be shared publicly in the best interest of Pakistan. While this may look anti-Nawaz and Pro-Imran (partially), this is my personal opinion and not at all a party political commentary