Someone once remarked, ‘you think too much’ and this made me think, yes indeed think more, as to how is it possible for one to take one’s thinking process under control. Would you not agree that you would have to think about it. Thinking is a pure gift and without it we would have been lost thinking what to do. It may sometimes cause depression and anxiety, stress and confusion and may, at other times, become a factor responsible for an increase in these problems. But still, we continue to think in all directions and about everything. The interesting thing here is that when we are thinking at a time when we think that we are not thinking at all. Without knowing, without understanding this constantly ongoing phenomenon; we think!

Instigated by such thoughts, I am thinking right now that when I entered my teens I thought I was free and grown up and that I understood things. Then progressing to the twenties I thought I was naive and a pure fool in my teens, which is what I exactly think about my twenties, now that i am in my thirties. What does this reveal. Well to me it means that as we progress in life, in age, we gain more and learn more and hence understand more but that does not mean that we really do understand everything to the best of comprehension. The things that I thought I always knew and understood in my twenties now seem rather irrelevant and I think that my understanding over the same is much better. I even consider that I did not really understood anything as good as I do now and therefore conclude that when I would be in my forties, I would laugh off my existing and current understanding of things. This is true, as life progresses and we learn more and are exposed to more we gain experience and mature with age just like vine does in its casks, like oak trees perhaps. So, I say, in order for a person to stand wise, he has to withstand the dust and storms of age. this is why wise men have stated that they knew too little after spending their lives.

Yet there we go screaming that we know it all, crying that we are the best, proclaiming the ‘I’ that is the biggest killer of them all. And then to me they remark ‘you think too much.’